We have an Exhibition of stamps every year, usually in the spring. Dates vary from year to year, but usually around Easter time.



Members display some of their collection in 5 categories for competition, and one for display only. The categories are:

  • Class 1: British North America, Victorian Era

  • Class 2: British North America, 20th & 21st Centuries

  • Class 3: British Commonwealth ( one country only)

  • Class 4: foreign (any one country outside of the Commonwealth

  • Class 5: Topical or Thematic

  • Class 6: for Display only







There are Door Prizes and contests:

--> FREE Door Prizes

--> Guess the number of stamps in the “Rose Bowl”

--> People’s Choice Award – a vote for your favourite entry will be eligible for a free draw.


The Exhibition also features stamps for sale by club members and at dealers' bourse tables. 

(1) A Bourse table selling Stamps                                  (2) A Winning Frame                                                   (3) Mounting the Frames on the Wall